We aim to implement CBAs that help deliver holistic programs and services such as health programs, education program, welfare plans, and basic needs that our Filipino seafarers deserve.

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Programs & Services

We, in our commitment to provide not only internationally accepted terms and conditions of employment on board vessels covered with AMOSUP CBAs, has institutionalized socio-welfare programs to service members and their dependents.

Family Medical and Dental Plan

Me and my family’s health is in good hands because AMOSUP provides health care services and has top-notch hospitals in the Philippines.

Basic Needs

AMOSUP ensures that me and my basic needs are met through housing, lodging, and grocery benefits.

Education & Training

We are skilled and competent because AMOSUP by ensuring that we are trained by the best instructors and that we learn in a engaging learning environment.

Welfare and Legal Services

I am sure that me and my family's welfare are in good hands.

News & Updates

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