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Union Programs

Legal Service and Assistance

Legal Affairs Department

“AMOSUP strives to protect the rights of its members.”

Legal services are dispensed by the union’s Legal Affairs Department, housed at the 3rd Floor of the Seamen’s Center, Cabildo corner Sta. Potenciana St., Intramuros, Manila. This is headed by a Director for Legal Affairs and complemented by seasoned lawyers and paralegal officers mainly tasked to perform:

  1. Legal counseling
  2. Giving of information about the provisions of AMOSUP CBAs, employment contracts, benefits, & relevant maritime labor laws
  3. Hearing of Grievances.

These services may be availed by any AMOSUP member and their dependents.

Members who reside outside Metro Manila may submit their query through the Legal Department’s email address or by using the website’s “Contact Us” or thru its landline contact numbers.

The Legal Affairs Department addresses also other union-matters requiring legal opinion, and inquiries from companies on the interpretation and implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) provisions vis-a-vis the POEA individual Standard Employment Contracts and other related maritime labor laws, rules and regulations.

Fully aware of the dynamic nature of the maritime industry, the Legal Affairs Department continuously reviews provisions of the AMOSUP Collective Bargaining Agreements with International Conventions and Regulations and recommends revisions thereto to be compliant and uniform with the requirements of international regulations and maritime labor laws.

The Legal Affairs Department is likewise the venue for dispute settlement through grievance machinery

Legal Assistance/Counseling

AMOSUP members or their declared dependent may either avail of the services of the legal department through the following means:

  1. By visiting our office

    You can approach any of the legal department employees and inform them that
    you would like to seek some legal advice. Legal Assistance Forms is to be
    accomplished by the member or the next-of-kin/dependent as may be applicable

  2. Thru electronic mail

    Kindly use the subject “LEGAL ASSISTANCE”

  3. Thru the AMOSUP website “Contact Us”

    Click the “Contact Us” tab in the AMOSUP Website.

    Fill the necessary details for verification of AMOSUP membership. Then click
    the box “Legal” so that your message will be directed to the Legal Department.

    All information submitted will be treated and kept in strict confidence.

  4. By calling the Legal Department

    The Legal Department will take necessary steps to verify the identity of the
    caller to assure the security of our members.

    Complex issues are recommended to be submitted thru electronic mail or via
    the Contact Us.
    Sensitive personal information will not be required through a telephone
    communication unless we have verified that the caller is the AMOSUP member.

Usually, only queries that are related to the employment of a member on board an AMOSUP CBA covered vessel may be entertained.

However, AMOSUP members may approach our friendly lawyers if there are any legal matters bothering them. Our lawyers are more than willing to extend a helping hand to any AMOSUP member on matters requiring legal expertise comment/opinion.

Any member of AMOSUP may avail of the services of the Legal Department. AMOSUP members may approach any of our lawyer in case they need any legal advice. But as much as possible please limit your legal queries on matter relating to your employment on-board an AMOSUP CBA covered vessel. Nevertheless, you may still ask our lawyers any other legal questions

Our members’ dependents are also very welcome to avail of the services of the Legal Department. But dependents must take note that only matters relating to an AMOSUP member’s employment on-board an AMOSUP CBA covered vessel may be entertained. Our Lawyers may refuse to answer certain queries if the same are deemed violative of our members privacy.


AMOSUP firmly believes in the advantage of settling a dispute amicable since it avoids the rigors and challenges brought about by prolonged litigation, and more importantly, it maintains the good and friendly relationship between the parties. The AMOSUP Legal Department is at the forefront of this pursuit as the venue of Grievance Proceedings. The Legal Affairs Department handles all Grievance Conference with the aim of encouraging the parties to settle all dispute amicably by maintaining a friendly atmosphere during these meetings. Dialogue, negotiation, mediation, and conciliation are the elements of the grievance procedure.