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Union Programs

Gig Oca Robles Seamen’s Hospital – Agdao, Davao City

The Union’s first medical facility in Mindanao, the Gig Oca Robles Seamen’s Hospital Davao is the third hospital built by the Union to bring healthcare services closer to the members and their families residing in Mindanao. This Level 2 medical facility inaugurated in 2008, also provides a wide array of healthcare services. SH Davao has also its Activity and Wellness Center which was completed in 2012.

Date Established: August 2008
Building Type/Structure: Three-Storey Bldg. With Annex
Building Character: Contemporary Architectural Design
Total Bed Capacity: 50 Beds as Authorized by the Department Of Health
Service Capacity: General – Level 2

Visit or Contact Seamen’s Hospital – Davao

R. Castillo St., Brgy. Centro, Agdao, Davao City
Telefax: 321-3523

Department of Anesthesiology

(082)234-8266  loc  124 or 217

Department of Otorhinolaryngology (082)234-8266  loc  120

Department of Dental Medicine

(082)234-8266  loc  117

Department of Pathology

(082)234-8266  loc  106

Department of Family Medicine

(082)234-8266  loc  104

Department of Pediatrics (082)234-8266  loc  104

Department of Internal Medicine

(082)234-8266  loc  104

Department of Radiology

(082)234-8266  loc  114

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

(082)234-8266  loc  104

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine


Department of Ophthalmology

(082)234-8266  loc  120

Department of Surgery

(082)234-8266  loc  104

  • Dietary Department
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Ultrasound


  1. After your consultation with the in-house OPD Physician / Consultant, Prescription will be written and Rx will be given to Pharmacy.
  2. Present to the Pharmacy the following mentioned requirements to claim your medications, (Seamen: AMOSUP ID and Seaman’s Book or Contract of Employment, Verification Slip from records section Dependents: Dependent’s ID, Latest Verified Allotment Slip (original copy) Verification Slip from records section). 
  3. For Non-maintenance Rx, a 3-day medication regimen will be provided for Davao City based members and dependents. In an instance, a member / dependent wants to avail the remaining medication balance. He/She will go back to step 1 and provide an “UPDATED RX-Prescription”. For non-Davao residents, a full course medication regimen will be provided.
  4. For ANTI-TB Medications, the patient will be given a 1-month supply of medicine which is refillable 2-3 days before his/her supply is fully consumed.  
  5. Maintenance medicines will be written in the Refill Booklet which will be provided by the OPD nurse.
  6. After claiming your Refill Booklet, please proceed to your Attending Physician and present your Refill Booklet.
  7. Once your Attending Physician is done writing down all your medications in the refill booklet, please proceed to the pharmacy to claim your prescribed medications with the above-mentioned requirements. The Refill Booklet will facilitate faster transactions with the Pharmacy Department every time you visit for a refill of your prescribed medications, and it will keep track of your medication history. Please see Refill Booklet Policies

Note: Medications dispensed by the Pharmacy Department are regulated by the Policies and Procedures set by AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Manila.

  1. ONLY ACTIVE members and their dependents may claim the Refill Booklets.
  2. Prescribed medications may only be claimed three times a month, that is every 10 days starting from the last date of acquisition of medicines.
  3. Change in prescription may only be done by an in-house physician / consultant after a consultation.
  4. Always bring your Refill Booklet and requirements with you every time you visit AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital for Medication Refill. If the Refill Booklet is not available upon your visit, you will be required to undergo consultation before being issued your prescribed medications and the amount of medication to be dispensed will be based on the minimum number of medicines allowed for that day.
  5. Schedule for dispensing medications using the Refill Booklet is from Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 4:30PM and Saturdays 8:00AM to 11:30AM only.
  6. For DEPARTING MEMBERS, a 1-month worth of maintenance medicines will be provided as long as you can provide/present us a photocopy of your full flight departure details.
  7. Only patients are allowed to claim their medications from the Pharmacy. 


  • Mentioned in their refill booklet policies about dispensing 1-month worth of maintenance for pre-boarding members. 
  • Uses Rx right away when dispensing medications

A. For laboratory test with fasting:

  1. While observing the fasting instructions provided by the Physician or OPD Nurse, please proceed to the Waiting Area of the Extraction Room located at the Ground Floor Building Laboratory Section.
  2. Wait for your name to be called before entering the Extraction Room. 
  3. Instructions for claiming of your test results will be provided to you by the receptionist from the extraction room. 

B. For laboratory test without fasting:

  1. Proceed to the Waiting Area of the Extraction Room located at the Ground Floor of the South wing Building Laboratory Section.
  2. Wait for your name to be called before entering the Extraction Room. 
  3. Instructions for claiming of your test results will be provided to you by the receptionist from the extraction room.

A. Diagnostic X-Ray, Ultrasound (ONLY)

  1. Once your request is generated in the Doctor’s Module by your in-house Attending Physician, please proceed to the Radiology Department Receptionist and have your procedure scheduled if request is an Ultrasound examination. For X-ray examinations, you will be catered the same day upon the presentation of your request form.
  2. The Radiologic Technologist will perform the requested x-ray procedure as ordered by the Physician unless special preparations must be followed prior to the procedure.
    Note: Ultrasound examinations are scheduled procedures and information on preparation will be provided by the Radiologic Technologist. X-Rays without preparations are done on the same day of the request while those with preparations are scheduled. 
  3. For ultrasound examinations, your examination shall be performed on the scheduled date and time provided by the Radiology Department Receptionist. Pre-procedural preparations must be strictly followed otherwise you will be rescheduled on the nearest possible date. 
  4. X-Ray results are release based on the availability of the Radiologist which is usually the following day after the procedure. Ultrasound results are released on the same day of the procedure
  1. After your referral from the OPD-FAMED / Consultation, please proceed to the Rehabilitation Department for scheduling of consultation with an in-house Rehab Doctors together with the referral form from OPD.
  2. On your date of scheduled consultation, please proceed to the Rehab Medicine Department on or before the schedule clinic hour of the Rehab Doctors (TTh 10-12nn).
  3. After being examined by the Rehab Doctor, inform the Physical Therapist for the schedule of your therapy session.
  4. Should there be any order for treatment / management from the Rehab Doctor, the Physical Therapist on duty shall provide you with your treatment / management schedule and other instructions before the start of your regimen.
  5. On every scheduled day of your treatment / management, you need to be early as we only cater patients by scheduled time. 
  6. Once your program has concluded, a consultation with your Rehab Doctor is required to evaluate your condition and if further treatment / management is still required.