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Center for Advanced Maritime Studies

The world fleet heavily depends on senior officers from OECD and traditional maritime countries. However, these senior officers are aging and the impact of their retirement without well-trained and experienced replacements could be severe. On the other hand, Asian seafarers should progress to senior officer positions as date shows that there are much less Asian officers currently manning the world fleet as substantial numbers prefer to retire before reaching the age of 50. The needs of Asian senior officers and maritime professionals also remain unaddressed. going the through the findings of the BIMCO/ISF report, there is clearly a need to progress seafarers from the region to senior officer positions.

These key issues and findings are certainly indicative of the concerns that need to be addressed in the near term.

AMOSUP, through the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific, seeks to address these growing concerns with the establishment of the Center for Advanced Maritime Studies (CAMS) in the Asia/Pacific Region.


The Center for Advanced Maritime Studies offers high level educational programs and courses aimed to raise the professional and academic qualifications of Filipino Merchant Marine Officers to prepare them become effective Ship Superintendents and Managers or Academic Supervisor ashore.

CAMS shall also conduct research to solve real life problems and issues that will contribute to the development of the maritime industry and to propagate new process and technology to its stakeholders.

Program Offering

CAMS offer the following graduate programs:

  • Master of Science in Marine Transportation (Marine Superintendent); and
  • Master of Science in Marine Engineering (Technical Superintendent.

These are the first vertically articulated maritime graduate degree programs in the Philippines, incorporating the competence requirements of a Marine or Technical Superintendent as per DNV Standard 3.301.

Graduates of these programs possesses the qualifications and competence of a Marine Superintendent or Technical Superintendent and as academic supervisor in a maritime higher education institution.


  • Master of Science in Marine Transportation
  • Master of Science in Marine Engineering