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AMOSUP inaugurates Museo Mandaragat (Seafarers’Museum) in Intramuros


In celebration of AMOSUP’s 63rd Anniversary on 11 November 2023, the Union inaugurated its newest museum inside the walls of the historic Intramuros, Manila: Museo Mandaragat (The Filipino Seafarers’ Museum). AMOSUP’s modern and interactive museum is located on the ground floor of Sailor’s Home 3 along Cabildo Street.

In his message, AMOSUP President, Dr. Oca highlight-ed that Museo Mandaragat (The Filipino Seafarers’ Museum) is dedicated to all the Filipino seafarers then and now, including AMOSUP’s Founder – Master Mariner, Captain Gregorio S. Oca – who was given a tribute in one of the muse-um’s sections. At the entrance, guests were welcomed by Museo Mandaragat’s iconic metal facade bearing the AMOSUP logo. The museum’s flooring features a blown up version of the world map, showing the vast expanse of the oceans where seafarers’ voyages embark on.

There are several showcase-es inside Museo Mandaragat, such as the collection of scale models of ships, a display of different seafarers’ uniforms, informative info-graphics on seafarers’ jobs, ranks and titles, facts about the maritime industry, an exhibit of winning photo graphs and videos taken by seafarers onboard, and a tribute to Captain Gregorio S. Oca’s legacy in championing seafarers’ rights, social protection, and their families’ welfare. Museo Mandaragat also features an actual simulator that aims to familiarize seafarers on the advancements in ships, especially amidst the ongoing automation, digitalization and decarbonization in the industry.

The inauguration was preceded by a holy mass and blessing which was attended by over a hundred AMOSUP members and concluded with a fellowship at the Sailor’s Home.