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Significant improvement in provident fund claims noted


Wherever they maybe, the e-form is readily available and they can easily apply for the withdrawal of the provident fund contributions with just a few clicks

Processing of provident fund claims by the members has significantly improved since the Union launched its electronic form (e-form) last year.

The AMOSUP Provident Fund Office says the staff can now communicate with the members on any concerns regarding their applications and documents submitted.

The Provident Fund Office launched the e-form on 11th November 2021, and is now well operating – from filling out the form/quit claim up to signing the cheque voucher. Provident Fund earlier engaged the services of a company to scan its archived files. “We aim to go paperless or aim to at least minimise the use of paper as a contribution in the union’s effort in contributing to the protection of the environment.”

As of mid-March the Provident Fund Office has processed over 5,400 claims since the e-form launch. The Provident Fund Office noted an increase in the number of claimants requesting for financial assistance, since The Funds’ Board of Trustees made it possible to assist the members in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make things easier, the Provident Fund Office is to launch an instructional video on its social media platform to address the more frequently asked questions regarding the online applications.

Members can still get in-touch with the office through its Trunk Line Nos: 8527-84-91 to 98 local 803 for JSU, 811 for TCCC, and 805-806 for the other funds.

However, the Provident Fund Office still cannot accommodate walk-in applicants to assure the safety of the members, as well as the employees.

“We continuously request the members to be more patient and considerate, given that our office is still in receipt of applications up to now,” the Provident Fund Office said.

Members need not to worry if they don’t receive any additional email, aside from the ‘auto-reply’. This means that they have submitted complete application requirements and their request is now being processed. Wherever they maybe, the e-form is readily available and they can easily apply for the withdrawal of the provident fund contributions with just a few clicks.

The Provident Fund is a benefit scheme for AMOSUP members, in which participating companies contribute to the Fund of the seafarer’s account. Established by the union under several collective agreements (CBA), the Fund was negotiated between AMOSUP and various shipowners’ associations. SF

 Provident Fund Members can file their claim
            application by accesing this link:
                  or by scanning this QR code:
Please upload clear digital copies of the following (either .pdf or .jpeg format):
NOTE:  minimum of 10 to maximum of 2mb limit per file
1. Valid Passport
2. Valid Government issued ID
3. AMOSUP ID (optional)
4. Updated endorsement letter from participating manning agencies
5. Updated retirement booklet from manning agencies
6. Signed Data privacy consent form (please refer to the e-form)
7. Proof of ownership for bank account (ie. Passbook/deposit slip)
8. 3 specimen signature
  Kindly wait for our email for your Check Voucher and Quit Claim.
  Also, note that our processing takes 30 working days.
For follow-up requests please call:     8527-8491 to 98
     local 802 & 803 – JSU
              809 & 804 – TCC
              805 & 806 – OTHERS