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Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the accrediting body for ISO Certification of the upcoming Physical and Mental Examination (PEME) services of the Seamen’s Hospital – Iloilo, paid a visit to the hospital last March 1, 2011. Led by Marita Baylon and Dr. Cesar Isidro, the DNV conducted an audit of all departments responsible for PEME services and the findings yielded positive results.

The audit culminated with the discussion of data findings. The hospital’s compliance with all required documents were satisfactory to the auditors. The findings will also serve as the basis for further enhancement and improvement of the hospital’s services.

The satisfactory results were due in large part to the thorough preparation of the Seamen’s Hospital – Iloilo staff facilitated by Edgardo Paredes, the Quality Management Representative of the Seamen’s Hospital – Manila. The preparation for the DNV inspection included a 3-day seminar from February 21 – 23, 2011 conducted by Paredes. The seminar covered Basic ISO Orientation, Lead Auditor Course, planning and preparation for Internal Quality Audit, and an actual Internal Audit per Department. The Internal Audit aims to find out if set quality standards are attained and maintained in each department with findings serving as indicators of how well each department is performing as well as identifying flaws and ways to correct them.

The preparation for and response of the hospital staff to the DNV audit are just some of the measures that Seamen’s Hospital – Iloilo is undertaking to continuously find ways of improving and enhancing its healthcare services to AMOSUP members, their dependents and client-companies.