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It’s the fitness class that has quickly grown to a popular group exercise all over the country. At AMOSUP, as soon as the venue was set in place, they didn’t waste time to join the party.

Some 36 union members and employees have gathered to stage their dance moves for the inaugural Zumba session at the newly-built Seafarer’s House last 02 May.

An aerobic activity, Zumba is one of the union’s answers to keep members physically healthy. No other than AMOSUP president Dr Conrado Oca, who also joined in the first session, has been inspired to do the workout.

“This is what our shipowners and principals want us to do to keep us happy and healthy,” Dr Oca told AMOSUP members in one of the recent members’ social gatherings as he announced the introduction of the Latin-dance inspired workout for the union.

The third floor of the Seafarer’s House now serves as the venue for the regular Zumba class.

Health authorities say that the aerobic exercise reduces health risks, keeps excess pounds at bay, strengthens your heart and boosts your mood. With its regularity, it is said that Zumba can count towards the 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic doings recommended for most healthy adults.

Apart from being non-judgmental, you don’t have to move exactly like the instructor. People can just rock and sway the way they want.

So, as one marketing slogan for Zumba fitness instructed in attracting a fun fusion of dance moves, said: “Ditch the workout – Join the party!” SF