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The finishers join the more than 3,000 alumni of the AMOSUP-managed academy

More than 180 senior cadets at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) have marched down the field to receive their diplomas last December.

The 188 midshipmen were the second batch of the academy’s 355 members of the 2016 Class who received their credentials in BS Marine Transportation and BS Marine Engineering degree courses. The first batch had made its final exit from the academy in the commencement exercises held in March 2016.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) undersecretary Felipe Judan graced the latest graduation ceremonies as the guest-of-honour and speaker.

“You can now be on your own,” Usec Judan told the cadets, but reminded the graduates “not to lose the trust of your parents who gave you the opportunity (to study), trust from your school that gave you quality education, and to yourself which your employers and your country need.”

He cited the importance of ship officers and crews by comparing them to the people working behind a big factory that is being run and operated by its workers. “I salute the seafarers. Kung wala kayong karunungan paano na ang barko,” stressed Mr Judan. (Without your knowledge what will happen to the ship.)

Mr Judan is in charge of maritime affairs, which he oversees at the DOTr. Prior to delivery of his piece to the graduating cadets he toured and inspected the MAAP campus and its facilities. Usec Judan said he has seen and learned for himself during the visit how the academy became one of the leading maritime schools in the country.

“You are not just getting the diploma today. You are also building the seafaring industry into its glory and the Philippine economy into progress,” he said.

MAAP also conferred master’s degree to three graduates from the academy’s Center of Advanced Maritime Studies (CAMS) in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering.

The new graduates will soon join the more than 3,000 alumni of the AMOSUP-managed academy.

AMOSUP president Dr Conrado Oca said he was gratified that MAAP “in its young history has contributed significantly to the statistics of maritime professionals who are sought after for their skills, competence and professional ethics.”

As Filipino seafarers are well remembered for their professionalism and competence, Dr Oca exhorted the graduates to “bear the country’s torch and show the world that we are indeed one of the best breeds of maritime professionals.”

That’s MAAP commitment to the shipping industry – to zealously pursue goal geared towards the improvement of maritime education in the country.

“We are quite confident that having gone through the rigorous training and education in MAAP, you are well equipped to serve the international merchant marine fleet through your employers—the shipping companies with the acceptable competence and advanced skills required from you,” said Dr Oca.