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Gender inequality, discrimination and violence in workplaces negatively affect all workers, men and women, and restrict women’s ability to be in the workplace. This is a major social problem in countries around the world, particularly acute in male-dominated industries such as the transport sector. An International Labour Organization report has said, “Transport is one of several sectors that have traditionally been regarded as ‘no place for women’. In many respects and in many countries, this is still the case today.” In order to shed light on the scope and impact of gender (in)equality, discrimination and violence in transport workplaces, the International Transport Workers’ Federation is conducting ‘Equality Testing in Transport Research’ which consists of a worker survey and a supplementary questionnaire for union representatives/officials.

This questionnaire is for women and men union representatives/officials, aged 16 and over, and will ask you what you perceive are the significant issues in your union around gender (in)equality, discrimination and violence. It will ask you about union action such as relevant campaigns, training and collective bargaining provisions as well as employer policies and national laws and/or regulations on these issues.

We ask if you can take time  as transport workers (ie. sea, air, land, etc)  to complete the following  worker survey  <-LINK

To complete the survey in English, or learn more about what participation involves, please go to:

This research is an important first step to improving policies to respond to the problem of gender inequality in the workplace. With your help we can reach the greatest number of workers and union representative/officials from the most diverse workplaces, and deliver a strong piece of research that will benefit union campaigning for all of us.