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This year’s workshop generated one of the largest in attendance of seafarers from different cruise lines

The annual Cruise Seminar in the Philippines has continued to attract more participants due to variety of issues being highlighted in the workshop. Apart from its goal to educate cruise staff on board ships covered by AMOSUP’s collective agreements, the seminar also provides opportunity for relaxation and bonding among crew partakers and their respective family members during dinner.

Now on its seventh year, the week-long seminar further enriches participants with relevant knowledge on seafarer’s rights and other issues affecting crew members on cruises. This year’s workshop was held at the Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu last 28 February-05 March 2017.

The Norwegian Seafarers’ Union (NSU) in co-operation with the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) together with other ITF-affiliated unions such as AMOSUP,  organise the workshop yearly. The recent forum tackled general cruise industry information, the IMO/ILO’s role in the industry, trade union awareness and information about the role of different unions, CBA training, grievance handling on board and at home, HIV/AIDS and the transport industry.

The seminar drew 90 participants for the basic workshop and 40 in the advance workshop. The Norwegian Cruise Line’s “mini-seminar” has been one of the highlights, which was attended by some 30 crewmembers. This year’s seminar generated one of the largest in attendance of seafarers from different cruise lines. Germany’s maritime union VER.DI also made their representations in the workshop.

NSU, ITF, FIT-CISL, VER.DI and AMOSUP along with renowned speakers from other organisations delivered interactive lectures. It also carried out an in-hosuse voluntary HIV test among cruise personnel. Over half of the participants this year chose to take HIV test to raise awareness of the importance regarding HIV status of the seafarers. The participants also took part in community outeach programme where they visited a children’s centre not far from the seminar venue.

The event also lined up nighly themed dinner and other activities to promote camaraderie among participants and their respective families. Everyone enjoyed the activities and the beautiful music from a local band that capped each night’s action, which proved to be a great time for leisure after each hard day’s work.

 Overall, the Cruise Seminar 2017 was a huge success. It provided the participants with remarkable knowledge, experience and informations that they can apply in their succeeding embarkations.