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From Seamen’s Village to Captain’s Court, Cap’s legacy of community development lives on.

Twenty years ago, Capt. Gregorio S. Oca embarked on the creation and development of the Seamen’s Village, a program aimed at providing safe, comfortable, and affordable homes to seafarers and their families.  Since then, over 450 families have become homeowners and proud residents of what started out as a modest seafarers’ shelter program to evolve into a full-fledged community development endeavor.  This January 2011, AMOSUP took the program a notch higher when it broke ground on its latest project, the “Captain’s Court”.

The simple ceremonies were attended by Dr. Conrad F. Oca, AMOSUP PTGWO-ITF President; Ms. Marissa O. Robles, Administrator of the AMOSUP Shelter Program; Ms. Sandy Peralta, Special Assistant to the Governor of Cavite; Mr. Shigeru Fukuma, Branch Manager of All Japan Seamen’s Union – Manila, and Mr. Eduardo U. Manese, Chairman of the Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council, as well as Union officers and members.  A time capsule was buried and a marker of Capt. Gregorio S. Oca was unveiled, honoring his vision for  improving the quality of life for seafarer families.  Fernando C. Del Rosario, principal architect of the Del Rosario Design Group, was on hand to present the model units to the attendees.

In his speech, Dr. Conrad F. Oca noted that the inauguration of the Captain’s Court is an auspicious way to start 2011, and very timely in the light of the year-long celebration of AMOSUP’s 50th year anniversary.  He summed up this new  project as, “a testament to the visionary leadership of Capt. Oca.”  Ms. Marissa O. Robles, AMOSUP Shelter Program Administrator, averred that the project was a demonstration of our aim to continue Capt. Oca’s dream and vision of providing decent and affordable homes to AMOSUP Union members,” and like the Seamen’s Village, the Captain’s Court will be another hub of progressive seafarer families who are ready to aspire, achieve, and ascend  to a higher level of social awareness and contribution to  society.”

The Captain’s Court is envisioned as a new community development within the Seamen’s Village in Dasmariñas, Cavite which will cater to larger families.  With the construction of more modern homes with larger lots and floor areas, the bigger living spaces will enable seafarer families to upgrade their lifestyles as well as let them enjoy more  amenities that allow family members to forge closer ties.  This project is a component of the “2020 in 2020 Program”,   and  Dr. Conrado F. Oca’s commitment to complete 2,020 homes within the AMOSUP Community Development Program by the year 2020.*In the image. From left to right: Capt. Rolando Magcale, President, Seacrest Maritime Management, Inc., Dr. Conrado F. Oca, President of AMOSUP-PTGWO-ITF, Mr. Eduardo U. Manese, Chairman, Philippine-Japan Manning Consultative Council, Mr. Shigeru Fukuma,  Branch Manager of All Japan Seamen’s  Union – Manila, Marlon R. Roño, Senior Vice President – Chief Operating Officer, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, Mr. Arnold Javier, VP/Maritime Head, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation,Capt. Katsumi Uno, MOL Representative, Magsaysay MOL Marine, Inc. 

For inquiries or more information, please visit the Seamen’s Village in Brgy. Piela, Dasmariñas, Cavite or email: