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On Friday, 11/11/11, AMOSUP-PTGWO-ITF celebrated its 51st Foundation Day with a Holy Mass and a breakfast for members, dependents, invited guests and others present at the Seamen’s Center.

The simple event was capped by the awarding of recipients of the union’s latest “Pangkabuhayan Program”, which was launched when AMOSUP celebrated its golden anniversary a year ago.  Invited social partners from the manning industry participated in awarding the prize to the fifty (50) lucky recipients of a P50,000 “Pondong Pangakabuhayan”.  The grand prize, a Mitsubishi L-300 FB Asian Utility Vehicle, was won by an Able Seaman from Orophil Shipping International Co., Inc.. Mrs. Mercedes F. Oca, the loving spouse of the late Capt. Gregorio S. Oca, the founding President and Chairman of AMOSUP, and assisted by Dr. Oca, drew the grand prize.

100 More “Pondong Pangkabuhayan” and another “Sasakyang Pangkabuhayan” will be given away to registered members in the future and said dates will be properly announced and widely disseminated – other union members who have not registered for the program will have the chance to join subsequent program awarding.  AMOSUP encourages all members to come to the union’s facilities at the Seamen’s Center in Manila, Seamen’s Hospitals in Cebu, Iloilo and Davao in order to register for the “Pangkabuhayan Program” and to update their personal information and employment records.

The verified recipients for the last draw held on Friday, 11/11/11, are the following registered AMOSUP bona fide members:



Mitsubishi L-300 FB Asian Utility Vehicle Awardee

  1. PONTILLAS, ELGER MACEREN                                                  AMOSUP ID# 131490

P50,000 Pondong Pangkabuhayan Start Up Fund Awardees

  1. ANGELES, ROLANDO POLISON                                                  AMOSUP ID# 31566
  2. APOSTOL, ROGELIO JINANG                                                      AMOSUP ID# 16527
  3. ARLANZA, GERARDO ALBANCIA                                               AMOSUP ID# 85598
  4. ASUNCION, RICARTE MANZANO                                              AMOSUP ID# 92173
  5. AWING, ANDRES BETCO                                                             AMOSUP ID# 50309
  6. BAAY, GUILLERMO JR., LORETO                                               AMOSUP ID# 194243
  7. BAJAO, RIZADOR JR., RANQUE                                                 AMOSUP ID# 194220
  8. BASILIO, RODRIGO JR., REPALDA                                             AMOSUP ID# 129583
  9. BELENO, REGINO BALANHIG                                                      AMOSUP ID# 74193
  10. BRAZA, DENNIS SANCHEZ                                                         AMOSUP ID# 114264
  11. CABUGA, NAZARIO BLASQUEZ                                                  AMOSUP ID# 162680
  12. CERRO, ROLANDO MORI                                                            AMOSUP ID# 164892
  13. CRUZ, NORBERTO LADORES                                                    AMOSUP ID# 213243
  14. DELA CURA, HERBERT TRANCO                                              AMOSUP ID# 26846
  15. DUPA, MODESTO JR.,DONGON                                                AMOSUP ID# 120962
  16. DURAN, MILLARD RESPITO                                                        AMOSUP ID# 155224
  17. EBO, EDMAR ELICAN                                                                    AMOSUP ID# 177367
  18. EDOROT, ALLAN RANA                                                                AMOSUP ID# 194435
  19. EDUARDO, INOCANDO SENO                                                    AMOSUP ID# 102102
  20. ENCIENZO, ALFREDO DEMETERIO                                          AMOSUP ID# 43700
  21. ESPINOLA, JOVENCIO JR., MALAZARTE                                  AMOSUP ID# 194690
  22. GERON, FRANCISCO SAROMINES                                           AMOSUP ID# 193380
  23. GUILLENA, DANNY LAWAGON                                                   AMOSUP ID# 134977
  24. GUTIERREZ, FERNANDO MIRANDA                                        AMOSUP ID# 72993
  25. HERRADURA, EDWARD CAUTIVAR                                         AMOSUP ID# 57830
  26. IBANEZ, ENRIQUE BIANGCO                                                      AMOSUP ID# 43584
  27. JACUMA, TEDDY ROBLES                                                           AMOSUP ID# 102649
  28. LAGDAMEN, JOLE ORILLOS                                                        AMOSUP ID# 30590
  29. LAYUS, MYRON CADADAS                                                          AMOSUP ID# 213779
  30. LEGASPI, ANTONIO GALIDO                                                        AMOSUP ID# 133828
  31. MAGSINO, RENE ASINAS                                                             AMOSUP ID# 213612
  32. MATUGAS, JESSMAR SABUCOHAN                                             AMOSUP ID# 213490
  33. MONTICOD, ALAN BALBUENA                                                    AMOSUP ID# 186768
  34. NARTE, ANTONIO MUNOZ                                                          AMOSUP ID# 28396
  35. NICOMEDES, ELMER MENDIOLA                                              AMOSUP ID# 213682
  36. OLOVERIO, CHERRY ABORDO                                                  AMOSUP ID# 213357
  37. ORTEGA, FRANCISCO MARCHA                                               AMOSUP ID# 71674
  38. OSIN, EDGARCO GOLORAN                                                       AMOSUP ID# 62737
  39. PEREZ, NOEL SOLIVIA                                                                  AMOSUP ID# 83551
  40. REAGAN, MAHOMOC LEBIOS                                                     AMOSUP ID# 204508
  41. RECENTES, LITO MAXIMO GIJAL                                               AMOSUP ID# 104435
  42. SAAVEDRA, PATERNO ROMO                                                    AMOSUP ID# 212558
  43. SABERON, RUEL GISERA                                                            AMOSUP ID# 172253
  44. SALES, ERWIN ORACION                                                             AMOSUP ID# 160174
  45. SALVADO, JOSE MARVIN DELA PENA                                      AMOSUP ID# 162413
  46. SAN DIEGO, ALFREDO MIRANDA                                              AMOSUP ID# 182338
  47. TAGAPOLOT, JERRYLON                                                             AMOSUP ID# 206795
  48. TIRAO, DELIO JR., PELAEZ                                                          AMOSUP ID# 171634
  49. VILLALUZ, RYANEIL ANTICAMARA                                            AMOSUP ID# 194189
  50. VILLANUEVA, SERGIO JR., DOMINGUEZ                                   AMOSUP ID# 71578