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AMOSUP opens new service facility in Bacolod City


AMOSUP has opened its new medical facility to union members and their dependents in Bacolod City, with members of the ITF Executive Board leading the inauguration ceremonies of the Bacolod Extension Facility in October.

With its primary care level, the facility can render a number of basic out-patient services in ENT, ophthalmology, pathology, radiology, and dental medicine.

According to AMOSUP president Dr Conrado Oca, “The five-storey extension facility is constructed to provide union members and their dependents greater access to timely quality healthcare services in the province of Negros Occidental.”

This endeavour is part of the continuing legacy left by Captain Gregorio Oca, the AMOSUP founder and former president, said Dr Oca, stressing that it’s also a “recognition of the efforts and sacrifices of Filipino seafarers who are key workers providing an essential service to world trade and the global economy.”

The launching of the new facility in Bacolod City last 19th October provided a brief opportunity for some ITF Executive Board (EB) members for a quick visit to the province which is home to about 26 percent of the AMOSUP general membership in Region VI.

EB members who attended and joined in the ceremonial ribbon cutting were led by ITF President Paddy Crumlin and General Secretary Stephen Cotton. Ver.di Chairperson Christine Behle and JSU President Mitsuharu Matsuura also flew to Bacolod for the inauguration ceremonies right after the ITF Aspac regional conference.

Around 250 AMOSUP members and their dependents in Bacolod also came along for the occasion. Apart from Bacolod Service Facility, AMOSUP currently maintains and operates a chain of hospitals and medical services and facilities for its members nationwide that include Seamen’s Hospital Manila, Seamen’s Hospital Cebu, Seamen’s Hospital Iloilo, Davao, and Dagupan.