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Geared up to honour the unsung heroes of shipping, the Union marks the occasion with its own form of entertainment to enjoy the event

It’s party time once again for Filipino mariners who celebrated a day especially marked as their own: the ‘Day of the Seafarer.’

AMOSUP, which joins the IMO in celebrating the occasion every 25th of June, held a mini-concert for members. Hundreds of union members had enjoyed the performance of the all-female entertainment group ‘Allure’ at the Union’s Convention Hall in Intramuros, Manila.

AMOSUP president, Dr Conrado F Oca, said: “We’ve traditionally celebrated this special day to thank our seafarers for the vital role they play in operating the ships that bring goods and commodities to our shores. It’s one of our own ways to appreciate their valuable contributions because without them the world economy will ground to a halt.”

The programme was opened by a stand-up comedian who began entertaining the seafaring crowd.

Duterte politics

Food and drinks were served prior to the show. The show was also graced by the arrival of Davao mayor and potential presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte, who spoke about what he did to his hometown to become the most peaceful cities on earth. Filipino seafarers listened to Duterte’s politics whose reasoning goes like this: Fight corruption and ensure peace and order at all cost to hasten economic development.

To the roaring applause from the audience, Duterte presented his type of leadership that is anchored on vigilante justice. He avoided any declaration though of any presidential ambitions and intentions. Saying he is unqualified to become one, he seems to be waiting for the political groundswell to announce his run for the presidency in 2016.

AMOSUP members and employees were visibly receptive by Duterte’s discourse as he was mobbed for photo opportunities after his almost two-hour appearance.

The programme’s finale gave way to a raffle draw in which lucky union members won valuable prizes such as TV set and cell phones, which capped the day’s event.