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AMOSUP Cebu inaugurates Sailor’s Home 3


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in AMOSUP Cebu Sailor’s Home 3 (From Left to right) Miguel Rocha, Dr. Asif Altaf, 2/O Abee Nieto, Lena Dyring, Yohan Oyen, Hamani Amadou, Francesco di Fiore and Dr. Conrado Oca
AMOSUP hosted the inauguration rites of its Sailor’s Home 3 on 16th February 2023 as it opens its doors to union members in Cebu City, along with delegates, guests and members of the Cruise Ship Seminar 2023.

AMOSUP Cebu Sailor’s Home 3 is a four-story extension building which has recreational and sports facilities, gym, laundry area, seamen’s lounge, maintenance/workshop room, administration office and multi-purpose halls that members can utilize and enjoy.

There were around one hundred eighty (180) AMOSUP members and dependents from the Cruise Seminar who joined the event in Central Visayas, Cebu province which is home to about 68.5% of the AMOSUP general membership in Region VII.

Ribbon cutting ceremonies were led by NSU Cruise Operations Director Lena Dyring, ITF Cruise Ship Task Force Chairman Yohan Oyen, Ver.Di/ITF German

Inspector Hamani Amadou, FIT-CISL/ ITF Italian Inspector Francesco di Fiore, ITF Wellbeing coordinator Dr. Asif Altaf, AMOSUP President Dr. Conrado Oca, CF Sharp Crew Management Inc. President & CEO Miguel Rocha and a delegate from Cruise Ship seminar 2/O Abee Nieto of Wilhelmsen Shipmanagement.

Sailor’s Home is one of AMOSUP’s union programs which continues to provide safe and comfortable, Home Away From Home for members onboarding ships, have disembarked or on-training without a place to stay. Currently, AMOSUP Sailor’s Home has branches in Manila, Davao, Iloilo and will soon be available at the newly opened extension facility in Bacolod City. SF