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Entrance Examination for Class 2016 Starts at MAAP

October 12, 2011

Last Saturday, August 6, 2011 (0630 – 1400H) MAAP hosted the first scheduled examination for Class 2016. Seven hundred nineteen (719) young men and women aspiring to become future world-class maritime officers took the examination under the supervision of MAAP Board of Admission (BOA).


The entrance examination commenced at 0630H and ended at 1400H. Examinees were ushered to different classrooms of the Main Academic Building for the examination. The Examination covers the subjects of Mathematics, Science and English. It also includes aptitude, emotional intelligence, personality, psychological and neuropsychiatric tests.

The entrance examination is the first stage applicants should pass to become a MAAP scholar. After passing the exam, applicants shall then undergo three more phases: a Personal Interview, a Medical Examination and an Orientation and Indoctrination Program, before they could be incorporated to the Midshipmen Fleet of the Academy.

The MAAP Board of Admissions is currently conducting entrance examinations in different areas of the country. You may check MAAP website for more info: maap.edu.ph