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Your good health, as well as the well-being of your family are important to us. We understand that to be able to work well, you and your family have to be physically healthy.

This is the reason why AMOSUP created the Family Medical and Dental Care Plan (FMDP). Through the Seamen’s Hospital in Manila, a Level 3 hospital with teaching and training facilities, plus three other hospitals in Cebu, Iloilo and Davao plus a satellite clinic in Dagupan, dispense free-of-charge out-patient consultations, in patient hospitalization, medical procedures/operations as well as medications, among others, to members and dependents.

AMOSUP is continually looking for ways to improve the capabilities of Seamen’s Hospitals to address more of your health concerns and at the same time carefully studying strategic locations for satellite facilities where it can offer its services for the greater benefit of its members.

Since a decade ago, a nonstop modernization program of the hospitals has been implemented-the facilities and equipment are being expanded and upgraded to meet the best standards of healthcare delivery and family-oriented leisure hubs.


AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital envisions itself as a leading internationally recognized maritime medical center of excellence for healthcare delivery, training, and research.


To provide the best available quality healthcare to AMOSUP members and their dependents.