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While Filipino ratings and officers are the most sought after in the maritime industry, elevating them to truly world class standards doesn’t happen by chance. It is the existence of a number of quality and well-equipped maritime education and training institutions in the country that helps make this possible. We at AMOSUP have always been committed to making our seafarers competitive with the best in the world by providing creative advancement programs to upgrade their skills. We want to be instrumental in giving Filipino seafarers opportunities to advance in their careers, earn a good living and support their families even as they do their country proud.

Over the years, AMOSUP has established all the learning institutions and facilities necessary to cover all aspects and phases of the seafarer’s career:

  • skills upgrading for existing seafarer’s(AMOSUP Seamen’s Training Center & Training Ship Kapitan Felix Oca) and Ratings-to-Officer program (Professional Career Development Center);
  • off-site Licensure facility for maritime professionals (Walk-in Examination System implemented by Maritime Industry Authority – MARINA);
  • specialized maritime baccalaureate degrees for those aspiring for a career in seafaring (Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific & T/S KFO);
  • supplemental higher education and complementary training for those seeking senior officer positions (Professional Career Development Center); and
  • advanced education for senior officers who would want to move on to teaching and impact their knowledge and experience to the next generation of seafarers(Center for Advanced Maritime Studies).