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Slop Chest

Slop Chest addresses the basic food and non-food requirements of members like you. As a “supermarket” open only to AMOSUP members. it provides goods at competitive goods at competitive prices and purchases can  be made on credit within designated credit limits with no interest. You may also purchase appliances at competitive prices, payable in six months with zero interest.

On March 04, 2016, the Slop Chest Manila store area was reconfigured to create more display shelves and make shopping even more convenient to seafarer members and their families.


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Visit or Contact Slop Chest

AMOSUP Seamen’s Center Annex
Cabildo cor. Sta. Potenciana Sts.,
Intramuros, Manila
Tel. No.:(+632) 527-2109
Fax. No.:(+632) 525-8954

Camino Vicenal St., Mandaue City, Cebu
Tel. No.:(+6332) 343-9928
Fax. No.:(+6332) 346-2598