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Sailor’s Home

The Sailor’s Home Program was established by the AMOSUP with your board and lodging needs as a transient members in mind. The program began in 1978 to provide temporary residence to AMOSUP members who are waiting to go on board or have disembarked and are on their way home to the province.

Since the beginning, AMOSUP has provided for its free use to all members of good standing. At present there are three Sailor’s Home locations: Intramuros, Cebu and Davao which can accommodate 667, 150 and 54 members, respectively, in fully air-conditioned dormitory-style facilities. Each location has amenities for recreation of the Union members/guests. The Cebu and Davao facilities have adjacent union sports and social amenities that members can conveniently avail of while the Intramuros facility has an arrangement with the AJSU/AMOSUP Multipurpose Sports Complex in Malate for use of their facilities. Plans are under way to provide the same in house for Intramuros.

The following amenities are available in the respective Sailor’s Homes:

  Manila Cebu Davao
·         Free WiFi
·         A laundry area for washing and drying clothes
·         Free transport according to set schedule from the Sailors’ Home to the airport with 4 trips daily (3am, 8am, 11am and 3pm) (Sailor’s Home Main/Annex Manila )    
·         Continental breakfast is also served free from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
·         Free coffee from 6:00am- 8:00pm    
·         Free bed linens for those checking in, (linen change scheduled three times a week)
·         Air condition units in operation normally from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. daily
·         Standby generators in case of power interruption
·         Comfortable shower and toilet amenities
·         Elevator    
·         Basketball Court  
·         Swimming Pool  
·         Game Room  
·         Library    
·         Gym
·         Laundry Facilities with Washing and dryer machine
·         Female Quarters
·         Separate lounge area with TV and laundry facilities for female quarter    


Should you have more questions, please contact:

Sailor’s Home Main

Cabildo St. cor. Sta. Potenciana St. Intramuros Manila
Tel:    (+632) 527-3605
located in front of Amosup Seamen’s Center Intramuros

Sailor’s Home Annex

Cabildo St. Intramuaros Manila
Tel:    (+632) 254-1798
located beside Amosup Seamen’s Center Intramuros

Sailor’s Home Cebu

Camino Vicenal St. Mandaue City Cebu
Tel:    (+6332) 236-9928, (+6332) 236-4773, (+6332) 343-9928
Email: ashcebusailors.home@yahoo.com
located at the 2nd floor of the multipurpose building behind the Seamen’s Hospital Cebu

AMOSUP-JSU Multipurpose Center

Sailor’s Home Davao

R. Castillo St. Barangay. Centro, Agdao, Davao City
Tel Nos.        (+6382) 285-6215, (+6382) 234-8266 local 231, (+6382) 234-3735 local 231
Telefax No.   (+6382) 285-6215
Email:           shd_davao@yahoo.com
located at the 2nd floor of the AMOSUP-JSU multipurpose center behind the Seamen’s Hospital Davao


Complete Rules And Regulations For Use Of The Sailor’s Home. 

All members are required to read and accept said R&R prior to assignment of bed space.

Sailors’ Home Rules and Regulations

In order to properly allocate the limited bed space capacity of the SAILORS’ HOME to the deserving and eligible members, the union enjoins interested parties to follow the established guidelines and procedures set forth herewith.

  • Section 1. Procedures for Application

    The member presents his AMOSUP Identification Card and proof of line-up or Disembarkation, and secures and accomplishes the Request/Application form, available at the SAILORS’ HOME Registration counter or from the SEAMENS CENTER- Records Section.

    The SEAMENS CENTER verifies if all requirements are in order and approves Request/Application form.

    The members proceed to the SAILORS’ HOME and accomplishes the registration form in triplicate signs the conforme and the inventory form and surrenders the Identification card to the SAILORS’ HOME Administration. All luggage  are required to be deposited, except clothes daily wear and other necessities for use during stay at the SAILORS HOME.

    The SAILORS’ HOME   issues linens. Bed number and locker number and keys for use by the members as well as the luggage claim stub.

    A member arriving from the province or from the abroad beyond regular working hours of the SEAMENS CENTER may proceed directly to the SAILORS’ HOME and use the facilities on condition that the requirements for registration and all necessary approvals are processed and submitted to the SAILORS’ HOME Administration the following day.

  • Section 2. Procedures for Checking Out

    The member-occupant informs the Administration of intention to check out one day in advance and secures necessary clearance on the Inventory Form for issued (linens, bed, locker, towel, etc.) on day of departure from the authorized Administration personnel.

    The Administration personnel signs the clearance, issues exit pass and release to the members/occupants user the deposited luggage together the Identification Card.

    Any loss or damage to the properties of the SAILORS HOME shall be responsibility of member and be subject to the penalties and sanctions prescribed by the SAILORS HOME Administrator. Check out time is between 9:00 am and 2:00 p.m.

  • Section 3. Rules on Length of Stay and Procedures for Extension of Use

    The maximum length of stay is fifteen (15) days subject to an extension not exceeding thirty consecutive days. The request for extension is forwarded to the SAILORS HOME Administration and approved by the SEAMENS CENTER after considering other requests and application of more needy members and the availability of bed space. Approval of request for extension shall be recorded in the members 201 file and SAILORS HOME file. All extension granted together with original application for accommodation shall not exceed a total of fifteen (15) consecutive days.

  • Section 4. Rules on Conduct and Behavior

    All members-occupants shall are required to follow and observe the proper decorum and good discipline.


    • Engaging in fights;
    • Assaulting or challenge a fight;
    • Immoral conduct within premises;
    • Exhibition, distribution of pornographic materials;
    • Theft;
    • Deliberate destruction of Sailors Home property;
    • Intentionally causing personal injury to another occupant-member, staff or visitor within the premises or the Sailors Home;
    • Bringing explosives fire arms, bladed weapons in to the premises or possession of the any above within the premises;
    • Discharging of the above within the premises;
    • Gambling, betting conducting lotteries within the premises;
    • Soliciting money, material objects without sanction of proper authority;
    • Writing carving etching drawing painting or any other acts which will deface or damage the Sailors Home property or any other form vandalism;
    • Acts of gross discourtesy to any person;
    • Drinking alcoholic beverages within the premises except on authorized occasions;
    • Entering Sailors Home premises while under the influence of liquor or narcotics and the like;
    • Possessing using or causing the entry of narcotics in the Sailors Home premises except when such drugs are taken for medication as prescribed by physician;
    • Smoking in prohibited areas;
    • Encouraging inducting or threatening another to perform in act violations in the Sailors Home rules and regulations;
    • Refusal to submit to a reasonable inspection conducted within the Sailors Home premises by authorized personnel;
    • Insulting threatening with bodily harm or showing willful disrespect to authorities


  • Section 5. Rules on Dishonesty and Insubordination

    All member-occupants are requested to respect the rights of each others. The Sailors Home Administration will however not tolerate any act of dishonesty or insubordination.


    • Stealing or unauthorized taking of Sailors Home property;
    • Knowingly given false or misleading information in applying for Sailors Home;
    • Knowingly given false statement or concealing acts materials facts in an investigate conducted by authorized personnel of Sailors Home;
    • Falsifying any of the required documents of the Sailors Home;
    • Forging signatures and other related cases;
    • All other acts of dishonesty which causes or tend to cause prejudice to Sailors Home;
    • Willfully refusing, with out any valid reason any of the regulations set forth the Sailors Home;
  • Section 6. Rules On The Use Of Sailors’ Home

    Member-occupants are enjoined to preserve, protect and maintain in good working and useful condition all facilities. items initially  provided them and all other properties in the Sailors Home to ensure the long term utility and enjoyment of these facilities;


    • Upon issuance of linen, towels, bed number and locker number, the same shall be under the responsibility of user and damage to or loss of the above articles will be charged to user without prejudice to union sanctions;
    • Personal lockers are provided only for the personal convenience of member/occupant and to maintain order in the premises. Security of valuables and personal belongings are the responsibility of each individual;



    • Air-conditioning will be operational only between the hours 20:00 hours 06:00 hours;
    • Only authorized personnel are allowed to operate ( turn on/turn off ) Air-conditioning units;
    • Air-conditioning units will be operated with the system of energy conservation in mind;



    • Viewing hours for the use of television will be the hours of   05:30 hours to 08:30 hours 11:00 hours to 14:00 hours and 18:00 hours to 22:00 hours;
    • Only authorized personnel are allowed to operate television units;
      Any use of television sets outside prescribed hours should have proper authorization;



    • House phones will be used only for emergency out going calls;
    • Long distance calls are prohibited on house phones unless duly authorized;
    • Authorized pay phones are provided for the used of member-occupants;



    • Shower and comfort rooms are provided for the convenience of the member-occupants and will be opened on all hours of the day;
    • Only registered member-occupants are authorized to use the Sailors Home showers;




    • Use of gym facilities is on a first come first served basis.



    • The Sailor’s Home provides washing and drying facilities for the use of the member occupants. Included are washing and drying machines for the convenience of member occupants, which can be used at minimum cost.


    TRANSPORT SERVICE (Intramuros)

    • Members who want to avail of the free transport to the airport needs to enlist at the counter. Trips are scheduled at 3am, 8am, 11am and 3pm. Pre registration is a requirement to be allowed on the trip.



    • Male member-occupants are prohibited from entering or loitering in the female sleeping quarters at the 2nd floor;
    • Female member-occupants are prohibited from entering or loitering in the male sleeping quarters at the third, fourth or at the Male Officers’ quarters at the 2nd floor;



    • Operating without previous authority or tinkering with any Sailors Home property;
    • Failure of the member-occupant to report immediately any damaged, defect or articles and which were initially issued to them;
    • Improper use of Sailors Home property and facilities such as comfort room, bathrooms, other rooms, beds, lockers, etc;
    • Unauthorized possession, use of lending of Sailors Home property;
    • Violation of safety rules and regulations and general safety practices promulgated by the Sailors Home;
    • Entering or loitering in off-limit areas;
  • Section 7. Rules on Curfew, Visiting Hours

    It is imperative that member-occupants observe the hours set by the Administration to maintain order and security within the Sailors Home community;


    • Lights-out or SLEEPING TIME is set at 22:00 hours;



    • Continental breakfast will be served for free (self service) between this hours 06:00 hours to 08:00 hours;
    • Eating is prohibited in sleeping quarters, and other areas which may be designated as such by the Sailors Home Administration



    • Entry into and exit from Sailors Home premises shall be allowed between the hours of 07:00 hours to 22:00 hours;
    • The quarters and doors into the Sailors Home shall be locked before and after the respective designated hours;
    • Entry and Exit later than the above prescribed time is prohibited unless duly authorized as evidence by a pass;
    • Requests for entry and exit passes from Sailors Home outside regulars should be communicated to Sailors Home Administration between 08:00 hours and 16:30 hours and issuance of an entry/exit pass will be based on merits of request and shall be duly recorded on the Sailors Home log book;



    • The Seafarers dependents and or visitors in the Sailors Home lounge between the hours of 0800 hours to 1700 hours
    • Visitors are not allowed inside sleeping quarters and other areas which may be designated by the administration as off-limit areas.
    • Members-occupants are obliged to inform Sailor’s home Administration if they will have visitors and must secure the proper Visitors pass.
  • Section 8. Rules on Order, Cleanliness and Hygiene

    All member-occupants are compelled to maintain order hygiene and cleanliness inside the Sailor’s home.

    The Sailor’s home authorized personnel shall clean the sleeping quarters between the 0900 to 1100 hours for the 2nd floor and 3rd floor and 4th floor 1300 to 1500 hours everyone is obliged to vacate their sleeping quarters during this hours.

  • Section 9. Dress Code

    Out side of the sleeping quarters and the shower areas occupants are required to be in proper decent attire.

    Sleeping clothes shorts sleeveless shirts and slipper sandals may be worn only in the sleeping quarters.

  • Section 10. Unclaimed Baggage

    The Sailor’s Home is not a depository or repository of baggage personal belonging valuables and the like. Before and after the actual stay of the member/ occupants, all luggage must be brought out by seafarer/occupants.

    Upon check-out Seafarers/occupants hereby agree that in case of failure to retrieve/claim his baggage with 24 hrs.

    From check-out with the sailor’s home office.he will pay the amount of 1,000,00 pesos as penalty,and further authorize.

    The sailor’s home administration to dispose his baggage/personal belongings and effects without any liability if unclaimed within two weeks from check-out..

  • Section 11. Penalties Sanction

    The Sailor’s Home Administration is tasked with the responsibility to set a schedule of offenses and penalties.

    To promote discipline and decorum in the usage of the home.

    The cost of any breakages loss destruction of Sailor’s Home property under the care/use of the individual Seafarer will be charged to seafarer

  • Section 12. Administration of Rules and Regulation

    AMOSUP and the SAILOR’S HOME Administration shall be responsible for the review and updating of these Rules and Regulations and as such may issue new procedures rules and regulations not covered above but considered valid and in force.  All question complaints with regard to the enforcement and application of these Rules and Regulations may be directly forwarded to the Administrator.


    I hereby certify that a have completely read and fully understood the above Sailor’s Home Rules and Regulation and that I shall abide by these rules and regulations

    Any violations commit shall be dealt with in accordance with the penalties prescribed by the Administration