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  • Processes & Requirements

Processes & Requirements

    • Requirements

      1. AMOSUP ID Card together with:
      2. Proof of line-up or disembarkation (Seaman’s Book, dispatch slip, allotment slip, etc.)
      3. Accomplished Request for Sailor’s Home, Registration Form, Conforme and Accountability
    • Procedures for Application

      AMOSUP members repatriated/disembarking from their vessels may proceed directly to the Home – reservation not needed. They may go directly to the Sailor’s Home reception any time and show either their seaman’s book and/or AMOSUP ID for proof.

      Any effort taken to inform the Sailor’s Home prior to arrival back to Manila will be very much appreciated for planning allocation of bed space. The Sailor’s Home will prioritize members disembarking, then members with confirmed departure dates (reservation of 1 – 2 days from the confirmed departure as advised by manning agent).

      When confirmed by the Sailor’s Home for a bed space allocation, the members may proceed to the SAILOR’S HOME  on assigned date and accomplishes the registration form in triplicate; signs the conforme and the inventory form and surrenders the AMOSUP Identification Card to the SAILOR’S HOME Administration. All luggage are required to be deposited, except daily wear clothes and other necessities for use during stay at the SAILOR’S HOME.

      Members described under paragraph 1 and 2 above who are arriving after  regular working hours of the SEAMENS CENTER/Seamen’s Hospital may proceed directly to the SAILOR’S HOME and use the facilities on condition that the requirements for registration and all necessary approvals are processed and submitted to the SAILORS’ HOME Administration the following day.

      The SAILOR’S HOME issues linens, bed/locker number and Sailor’s Home ID.

      Members planning to use the Sailor’s Home not covered by the above should take all effort to contact the Sailors Home to get the  proper information on the allocation/availability of bed space (reservation).

      The Sailor’s Home is cannot be obliged to accommodate members without approved reservation (bed space allocation).  However, all efforts will be exerted by the Sailor’s Home Administration to accommodate members in need, subject to availability of bed space and other considerations.

    • Procedures for Checking Out

      The members/occupant inform the Sailor’s Home Administration of intention to check-out at least one day in advance and secure the necessary clearance on the inventory of issued materials ( linens, bed, locker towel, ID,  etc.) on day of departure from the authorized Administration personnel.

      Any loss or damage to the properties of the Sailor’s Home shall be responsibly of member and be subjected to the penalties and sanction prescribed by the Sailor’s Home/Annex Administration.

    • Rules and Regulations

      All member s applicants shall conduct themselves in manner consistent with decorum and good discipline. As a member, you are expected to follow the Sailor’s Home Rules on Conduct and Behavior, Dishonesty, Insubordination, Visiting Hours, Curfew, Sleeping Time and other rules and regulations established by the Sailor’s Home and duly acknowledged during registration.

    • Rules on the use of Equipment

      As an occupant, you are enjoined to preserve, protect and maintain all the facilities and items provided to you in good working and useful condition.

    • Rules on Cleaning and Hygiene

      You should maintain order, hygiene and cleanliness.

    • Rules on length of stay and procedures for extension of use

      The maximum length of stay is fifteen (15) days. Extensions may be granted but   not exceeding thirty consecutive days consumed. The request for extension is forwarded to the SAILOR’S HOME Administration and may approved by the SEAMENS CENTER after considering other requests and application of more needy members and the availability of bed space. Approval of request for extension shall be recorded in the members 201 file and SAILOR’S HOME file. All extension granted together with original application for accommodation shall not exceed a total of fifteen (15) consecutive days.

    • Requirements

      1. AMOSUP I.D. / Allottees I.D. (Any valid ID; Required if allottee is not legitimate spouse, child, parent, sister, or brother)
      2. Photocopy of Employment Contract
      3. Allotment Slip or Latest Payslip
    • Purchase of Grocery Items

      1. Present the requirements stated above to records verifier for approval.
      2. If approved, the verifier will issue a Charge Purchase Slip (CPS) with the corresponding credit limit.
      3. Proceed to purchase of grocery items and present the CPS to the cashier for transaction at Point of Sales (POS)
      4. The original copy of POS transaction invoice will be attached to the print-out of billing statement as supporting documents for deductions from the allotment.
    • Purchase of Gadgets and Appliances

      Qualified AMOSUP members can purchase appliances from accredited suppliers such as Abensons and Electroworld. Below is the procedure on how to purchase appliances or gadgets from our accredited suppliers:

      1. Accomplish Application Form for Purchase of appliances or gadgets. Members and designated allottees are authorized to sign the application form, provided only half of appliances credit limit will be allowed if signed by designated allottee.
      2. Submit the application form for approval at Slop Chest office 3 days before departure of the member.
      3. If approved, Slop Chest will order appliance request from the accredited supplier.
      4. Your item can be picked up from Slop Chest 5 days after notice of delivery. It can also be delivered to the address of your choice with special arrangement with the supplier.


      NOTE: You can only request for items within your credit limit.