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1st Cruise Seminar Held in Cebu

September 10, 2011

The first ever Cruise Seminar in the Philippines for Filipino seafarers was held last August 11-15, 2011 at the Movenpick Hotel Resort & Spa in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines.


Organizers were the  Norwegian Seafarers Union (NSU), the  ITF and the Italian ITF affiliated unions  in cooperation with the host union AMOSUP.  The basic seminar was envisioned to provide a forum for  discussion of the different issues unique to the cruise industry affecting its personnel and experienced by Filipino seafarers on board such vessels.

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Filipino participants to the seminar were from the different  service departments of a typical cruise vessel  serving  in different companies.  The ITF affiliated unions, as well as, the ITF local inspectors also attended the seminar for their introduction to the cruise sector, which is part of the task of the inspectorate.

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Two days were devoted to women issues (bullying & harassment) with the first day devoted inclusively to the women participants in the group, and the second day involving interactive programs  with the male participants on this important topic. The other topics introduced were   health awareness, the relationship between the union/s their members and the CBAs,  and most importantly, HIV/AIDS and the transport industry.   Discussions on HIV/AIDS  were held together with the seafarers families and next of kin.

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The seminar in the Philippines saw the introduction of a Health Awareness topic for the participants, with the AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital Cebu providing the information and resource person.  The HIV/AIDS seminar on the last day was provided by the medical team from Bali, Indonesia – the Manu Waluya Group.  The different affiliated unions and ITF each in turn discussed relevant issues concerning their organizations and seafarers concerns,  ILO and the IMO matters and their relevance to seafarers – especially now that the ILO-MLC is about to come into force and IMO’s STCW Convention has just been recently amended.

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Officials and representatives from the different seafarers’ unions (NSU, FIT-CISL, FIT-CIGL, ITF & AMOSUP) involved in the cruise industry forged a cooperation and agreed to work together for the continued implementation of the program for the years to come.  Such a seminar is seen as an important tool to keeping seafarers well-informed and abreast with changes and developments within the industry they serve.

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Activities were programmed for the delegates and their families, as well as, the representatives from the ITF, NSU, FIT-CIGL, FIT-CISL such as a city tours from Lapu-lapu City, Mandaue & Cebu City  culminating in a  awarding ceremony and fellowship dinner graced by  the Cebu City Mayor (Hon. Michael Rama) at the Rizal Memorial & National Library, Cebu City.